Call for papers

2023: Volume 15, Issue 1

TThe Global Media Journal — Canadian Edition (http://www.gmj.uottawa.ca/)

Call for Papers


Food Matters and Materialities: Critical Understandings of Food Cultures

Guest Editor / Dr. Irena Knezevic


Carleton University


Food cultures are developed and enacted through a web of social and cultural relationships that
produce food matters and knowledge, and food-related practices. Works emerging from critical
food studies have demonstrated how uneven power relationships take form within these food
cultures and create unfair and unequal relationships to and through food (ex., Carolan, 2016; Koc̦
et al., 2012; Slocum & Saldanha, 2016). These power relationships materialize in particular food
matters, or materialities (as inspired by new materialisms), and in the elaboration of a wide range
of food-related practices, such as food production and harvesting, circulation, preparation,
control, and consumption.
Current food cultures are permeated by worries that concern food production and consumption,
environment and human health. We conceive that these concerns and issues, and the solutions
proposed to address them, are part of (as much as they are the result of) the knowledge and
power relationships at play in our current food cultures. Inspired by Stacy Alaimo and Susan J.
Hekman’s 2008 call for the consideration of materialities, we contend that social sciences and
humanities are crucial to think about and with food matters/materialities so as to engage with
positivist sciences such as dietetics, medicine, biology and biochemistry, engineering, etc., all of
which produce and address food-related issues and as such, participate in (trans)forming food
matters and cultures.
This collection will question the emergence of food matters/materialities and the heterogenous
networks and power relationships they are embedded in and that they contribute to
(re)producing. Papers will cover a range of topics, including: food and gender in resistance
writings, food and disability in diasporic media, digital media and food consumption, food and
robots in art performance, wearable devices for livestock, diet and virtual reality, and humanmicrobe communication in fermentation.
• Expressions of interest Oct. 15, 2021
• Authors are informed if their proposal has been selected Dec. 2021:
• Submissions of complete articles beginning of May 2022
• Peer review and revisions June-Dec. 2022: peer review process and back and forth with
the authors
• Final submissions Jan. 2023
• For more information contact the guest editor, Dr. Irena Knezevic at irena.knezevic@carleton.ca