Guidelines for Guest Editors

All correspondence, paper submissions, and reviews should be conducted electronically. Please note that all papers of the Main section of each issue must be refereed. The Book Review section can include review articles (of three books and more) and/or reviews of individual books.

  1. The GMJ — CE Editor (Dr. Aliaa Dakroury) announces the Guest Editor of the themed issue. [by November 1 for the Spring issue, and May 1 for the Fall issue]
  2. A Call for Papers will be developed by the Guest Editor and widely distributed via the Internet and professional organizations newsletters such as CCA, NCA, ICA, UDC, IAMCR, AEJMC, etc. [by December 15 for the Spring issue, and June 15 for the Fall issue]
  3. All authors must follow the GMJ — CE Submission Guidelines for Authors.
  4. All submitted papers must include: (i) author(s)’ full name(s), (ii) position and institutional affiliation(s), (iii) e-mail address(es) and complete contact information, (iv) a biography of the author (or each author)—no more than 100 words and no less than 50 words, (v) the title of the manuscript, (vi) an abstract—no more than 250 words and no less than 150 words, and (vii) five to ten keywords which reflect the contents of the paper. [by March 15 for the Spring issue, and September 15 for the Fall issue]
  5. Papers that do not adhere to the GMJ — CE guidelines and standards will not be considered for inclusion in the journal. The Guest Editor may, however, choose to request compliance from the contributors.
  6. Papers relevant to the themed issue of GMJ — CE will go through a blind refereeing process. Each paper should be emailed to three (3) referees. The Guest Editor may invite/recruit her/his qualified colleagues, after consulting and getting approval from the Editor of the journal.
  7. The cover page of each paper, and any information that may identify the author(s) directly or indirectly, must be removed before emailing the paper to the referees.
  8. Each referee is expected to complete the GMJ — CE Referee Report The Guest Editor may request additional comments from referees, in any form s/he wishes. The journal Editor also may seek further commentaries from additional referees should it be deemed necessary.
  9. The Guest Editor collects referees’ feedback and determines whether a given paper qualifies to be included in the Main section of the themed issue. The Guest Editor submits referee reports, and his/her decision regarding all papers received, to the journal Editor. [by April 21 for the Spring issue, and October 21 for the Fall issue]
  10. The final decision to accept or reject the refereed manuscripts rests with the journal Editor. All decisions are final and non-negotiable. [by April 28 for the Spring issue, and October 28 for the Fall issue]
  11. The Guest Editor announces acceptance and rejection decisions to authors, and starts the editing process for the accepted papers. [by April 30 for the Spring issue, and October 30 for the Fall issue]
  12. For books to be reviewed, the Guest Editor in consultation with the journal Editor will select books about topics relevant to the theme of the issue. The Guest Editor will announce a call for book reviews. Reviewers must submit their CVs and relevant experience to the Guest Editor, who will select a list of reviewers. The selection of the final list of reviewers is subject to the approval of the journal Editor. The Guest Editor will seek approval from the journal Editor, who will select the final list of reviewers. The Guest Editor will proceed to announce the selected reviewers, and request copies from publishers to be sent to the reviewers. The journal Editor in cooperation with the Guest Editor will decide on the nature of reviews for each issue – whether review articles, or book reviews, or both. [by the same dates above]
  13. The Guest Editor communicates with authors to request modifications (if necessary) according to the referees’ comments and the journal Editor’s directions. S/he ensures the high quality of all papers, articles, and reviews in terms of the content and format. [by May 21 for the Spring issue, and November 21 for the Fall issue]
  14. The Guest Editor develops a Table of Contents for the Main section and the Book Review section. [by May 23 for the Spring issue, and November 23 for the Fall issue]
  15. The Guest Editor writes his/her Guest Editor’s Notes in which s/he summarizes the contents of the two sections of the issue and makes reference to each of the papers, articles, and reviews as they are listed in the Table of Contents. The Guest Editor’s Notes may take the form of an editorial, a commentary, a full article, or a brief summary. [by May 30 for the Spring issue, and November 30 for the Fall issue]
  16. The Guest Editor provides the journal Editor by e-mail ( with electronic copies of: (i) a table of contents, (ii) Guest Editor’s Notes, (iii) the refereed papers of the Main section, and (iv) the review articles and/or book reviews of the Book Review section. [by June 1 for the Spring issue, and December 1 for the Fall issue]