2013: Volume 6, Issue 2, pp. 65-80

Communication intentionnelle dans le domaine du leadership

Sophie Ménard,
Xavier E. Kauffmann, 

et Natasha MantvilleMarchessault



The life of any organization relies on the support of its members. The optimal functioning of a system depends on the quality of relations among its entities. The quality of these relations involves competitive economic, political, and social advantages because this quality transcends into clear and direct communication within the hierarchy. For the organization’s leaders, it offers the capacity to practice their leadership. This communication has an impact on the development of employee competencies, company productivity, strategic visibility in the political sphere, and attraction and maintenance of a qualified and involved workforce. In the 21st century, social media adds a layer of complexity and challenge for managers who strive to develop good work relations similar to those that dominated in the past century. The authors explore “authorial leadership” as an alternative for a conscious leadership focused on the organizational challenges of this century.


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