2014: Volume 7, Issue 1, pp. 21-34

Transparence et communication publique: 
Étude du cas de la Ligue des États Arabes

Khaled Zamoum



This study determines the contours of the transparency public communication strategy adopted by the Arab States League. It is also a reflection on the nature and the challenge of the communicative strategy of the League, which seeks to adapt to local and international social and political changes, especially as this institution aims to promote a new approach based on citizens right to access public information. Various internal and external pressures around these information rights push the League for a change especially on the communication level to promote a new image based on respecting the right to knowledge, to participate and exchange. The analysis of the corpus consisting of a total of 107 documents and statements, and 51 activities related to the theme of transparency of public communication of the Arab States League, during the period between January 1st, 2000 and October 1st, 2010, leads to a statement that this institution does not have a structured and a coherent policy on public information. Indeed, the League’s language reflects its adherence to the official policy of the Arab countries.


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