2016: Volume 9, Issue 2, pp. 27-39

Taha Abderrahman dans la lignée des philosophes de l’Occident Musulman

Chokri Mimouni


Taha Abderrahman is a contemporary Moroccan philosopher. His work focuses on the development and modernization of Arab-Muslim societies through reflection on Islam’s rich religious and cultural heritage. Instead of imitation or blind mimicry, he strives to promote his project with respect for human dignity by relying on dialogue as a tool for communication between civilizations. This paper concludes that Abderrahman belongs to the lineage of the philosophers of the Muslim West who lived with the permanent concern of the development of the human being in the respect of the divine laws. However, the question of living together becomes more and more important in his writings without losing sight of the historical experience of totalitarianism and barbarism. Alongside other modern thinkers such as Laroui, Jabirî, and Arkoun, his works can be seen as a starting point of his experience in the territories of Islam by refusing to covet the modernity of the Latin West where thought has shown limitations, according to him, without falling into religious radicalism.


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